Welcome to Sue Springer Sculpture

Visit the Studio in Pioneer Square, by appointment 541 6016406

'57 Biscayne in the Good Arts Building, 110 Cherry St. Studio 313 Pioneer Square Seattle WA 98104

Dreams, imagination and wonder combine to inspire the stories told in these figures. Mostly figurative, with a whimsy and freedom of unexpected combinations.

The handbuilt figures are constructed in parts, in series, often with several heads or feet constructed and combined after firing. Little niches and drawers may reveal beads or buttons, artist books or feathers, odd hairdos or apples or birds, many birds. Figures may join other families, hats might appear and disappear, although surprises are always embraced.

I never quite know how they will evolve, sometimes one figure ends up on a chair originally planned for another, a red apple falls into the basket upon a surprised head or a birds nest is woven into the hands of a figure entitled "When Women Were Birds".

Each figure generates another possibility, which often shows up in the next. It remains a mystery.

When Women Were Birds.jpg

When Women Were Birds       23" h.

Goodbye to Rosie.jpg

Goodbye to Rosie, the Queen of Corona   18"

Moroccan Mosaic

Moroccan Mosaic     17" h. 

Holding a Spool of Red Thread  20" h

Holding the World in the Palm of My Hand Series  Crystal Globe     21" h.

Holding the Earth.jpg

Holding the Earth     22"

Families Belong Together Series  Regal T

Families Belong Together Series              Regal Family 

 19" h.       three pieces

Mosaic Monk detail.jpg
mosaic monk 2.jpg

Mosaic Monk      14.5 " h.

Glass mosaic detail

Love in the Secret Drawer.jpg

Love in the Secret Drawer    16"h

Holding The World in the Palm of My Hand

Atop the City       21"h.

Lorem Ipsum                      9" h.

  What is the World Coming To?   12" h.

Oh My!        9" h.

Families Belong Together Families come i

Families Belong Together Series 

Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes                  13" h.

Holding the World blue stripes.jpg

Holding the World in the Palm of My Hand

Big Blue Marble         18" h.

Hidden Messages                    18" h.

Winged Statement